It’s been awhile….

Justin Z

It has been awhile and a lot has happened. After 6 years of owning Good Faith in Brookline, MA I sold it to my good friend and manager Chris Barnett. It is in good hands and he deserves to finally be the boss! I am now working exclusively in Portsmouth, NH at Iron Works Tattoo. I loved working with everyone at Good Faith but hate Massachusetts. I hated being double taxed as a non-resident, and paying yearly increases in payroll taxes that made it not worth it to be a small business owner. Along with the stress and responsibility of running two shops I decided to consolidate my life and focus my energy into one shop. I could not be happier or feel more relaxed than i have ever felt. I no longer feel “under the gun” due to traffic, parking and commuting and can now channel my energy into becoming a better artist while still being able to be an active Father and Husband. Thank you to everyone who continues to follow me and support what I do. I will now attempt to keep this blog updated more frequently. Thanks for following!


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