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Many people are curious when I tell them I spearfish.  Truth be told, I am merely an amateur compared to spearos that hunt deep water pelagic fish.  Jeff Croci, a tattooer from the West Coast sparked my interest in spearfishing.  I am amazed at the fish he and his crew have caught in their adventures.  You can check out some of the fish they have caught here http://www.seasniper.com/content/?page_id=82  I enjoy doing shore dives in fairly shallow water no more than 25 ft or so.  Until I can increase my breath hold to greater than 2 minutes that’s where I will continue to hunt. I run a JBL “elite woody north east” speargun that is short enough to maneuver around rocky breakwaters, but powerful enough to take a Striped Bass if I’m hunting in NH or RI.  For safety I use an Omer float and flag with a lightweight tether and anchor.  For the cold waters of the Northeast I have a Yazbeck 3mm open cell wetsuit. Cape Cod has an abundance of Tautog, or commonly called “blackfish” that love to hide in structures and are fun to hunt.  I had some good luck this past summer on vacation catching several during the week.

Although I must admit a slight hesitation with all the shark warning signs posted at every single beach and access point….IMG_4289


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