My dog Yuki

People often assume my dog is a white German Shepherd.  He is actually part of a group of Japanese dogs of the spitz breed that are thought to be some of the oldest bloodlines of dogs in the world.  They were used in Japan as hunting dogs for deer and boar hunting.  This means they have a high prey drive and tend to be very cautious with strangers.  Highly intelligent and extremely clean, our dog Yuki is one of the best dogs I have ever had.  I came across his breed, the “Kishu” in a dog breed book a few years ago. After some investigation I came across Carleen Newman a breeder in Texas who is trying to preserve this great breed. At the time she was one of the only breeders in the US but there are other importers you can go through, as well as kennels who offer the other breeds in the Japanese dog Family.  You can contact Carleen here-

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You can read more about Japanese breeds here-

You can follow the blog of Kato a Japanese exporter of Nihon Ken here-

Here are some recent pics of our dog “Yuki Okami Loui”

IMG_2838 IMG_9378 IMG_4827 Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 7.38.44 AM


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