Cheri Herouard

leonnec_georges_1917_12 E42_1917_191_Herouard

Illustrators Magazine.4 tumblr_lt6moa0fdQ1qa70eyo1_500I did’t include Cheri Herouard in my post about artists that I am influenced by, but he is probably one of my all time favorites.  I love his illustrative attention to detail and unique ideas incorporating fantastic settings with mythological and natural themes.  There are a few “ironic hipster” tattooers that have been using his artwork and blatantly reproducing it without giving him credit.  Even though his work is public domain, I think he still deserves to be credited with the original idea.  It’s fine to be influenced by someone but don’t rip them off and pose it as your own work.  I appreciate the younger generation being drawn to the classic imagery in his designs but they are being duped to think these are modern ideas that someone recently came up with.  You can read more about him here-éri_Herouard

Like many artists, Herouard also published more racy work under the alias “Herric”.

IMG_0350 IMG_0299If you look hard enough there are sites that sell original magazine covers and prints of his work.  One of them can be found here-


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