My Snakehound Machine VEPR .308


I am pretty excited to own a Snakehound Machine custom VEPR .308 . I was mulling around ideas about my next rifle and decided on the VEPR platform. I like the mechanics of the AK and thought this would be a nice mid-range (out to 400 yds, possibly 600) choice. Owen at was in the process of building the VEPR as a new platform and I asked to be one of the first models sold. When it was finished we took it out to zero, and it shot like a dream. The felt recoil was like a factory stock AK, but after zeroing at 50 yds we took it out to 100 and the first 3 rds are what I have pictured above. I called the flyer but those 2 shots almost directly on target should speak to the function of this weapon. (Especially considering I have not done much scope shooting out to 100 yards). If you want to read more press on my gun check out these great articles with some more detailed information.


One thought on “My Snakehound Machine VEPR .308

  1. Super nice rifle. I read about snakehound machine from your instagram link. Nice to have a shop like that local in NH turning out quality weapons.

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