Nazi punks Fuck Off.


Ziv Edelstein/ News 0404

Ziv Edelstein/ News 0404

I’ll try not to weigh down my blog with too much political crap.  Because I do hate politics and think it’s a big game on all sides.  BUT I have been and always will be VERY anti-FASCIST.  I have many friends of Jewish heritage and will not stand for hatred against them in any form.  I myself am only half-white, the other being Chinese and have experienced my own forms of racism over the years.  I came across this article recently and found it very disturbing.  In the second time in 5 months Arab residents in Beit Umar have flown a Nazi flag over a major thoroughway near Jerusalem.  There are many arguments on both side of the Isreali/Palestinian conflict.  I do not wish to get into those but rather highlight a trend that I have seen, with parallels in our own culture and emphasize the dangerous path these groups choose and what they truly represent.  If Islam is a religion of peace Nazi ideology should be an abhorrent idea and find no place in the Palestinian argument.  According to the article there was an Arab leader friendly with the Nazi regime who encouraged the Holocaust.  This was all news to me, and very interesting.  But it does make sense.   In such a way that ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” You can read the article here-

SO this brings me to my next point and the trend of kids adopting nazi symbolism and white pride imagery and saying because they are white it’s “ok”.  Don’t get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with being proud of your culture.  I have Scandinavian roots with relatives that go back to Finland.  I love Vikings, Rune writing and Scandinavian mythology.  But, when you start using SS bolts, swastikas, and other images that identify with a Fascist movement that’s where i draw the line.  I have seen it in punk rock, black metal, hardcore, and even tattoo culture.  I can say with no hesitation that I don’t support it, think it’s cool, nor feel it’s just an expression of cultural pride.  It’s hate and kids should be careful what things they start dabbling with because that shit is real, and it stands for something.  The question is-  What do you stand for?  Whether you are a Palestinian who feels so strongly about the eradication of Israel, or you flaunt imagery associated with Fascism because you think it looks cool, or you’re just showing pride for your culture,  be aware of what you are really saying-  I stand with the ideas behind these images, and support them.

I will end with this from one of the bands I grew up listening to- Napalm Death, covering the Dead Kennedys













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