My EDC knife- Cold Steel Recon 1

20131024-083207.jpgMy EDC knife is the Cold Steel Recon Tanto 1.  I have had it for about 2 years now.  I don’t use it for any Ninja Combat or anything like that but I am confident if I needed it for that purpose it would perform quite well.  Here is a testimonial from a soldier who used it in Iraq- 

I on the other hand have used it for cutting rope/cord,  lashing things to my car, breaking down boxes, whittling sticks, and any other every day use I can get out of it.  I am very happy with the durability of the knife.   With other knives I have gone through many pocket clips with the clip breaking, screws loosening, and ultimately not being able to use the clip anymore.  This is not the case with my Cold Steel Recon 1. I haven’t had to tighten the screws yet.  I also appreciate the fact it comes with another set to be used if you want to change the side your clip is on, or even to have a spare in case you lose a screw.  The textured handle provides a nice grip and feels comfortable and balanced with the contoured grooves conforming nicely to your hand.  The finish on the blade is worn a little but not anything extraordinary after a couple years of every day carry.

There are many high-end knife makers like Emerson, Strider and Alpha Hunter Tactical that provide REALLY nice knives.  If I was in a position where my life depended on my knife every day, I would probably invest in one. (trust me they are still on my wish list!)   I feel that the Cold Steel brand is a nice mid-range and rugged knife for people who arent looking to spend $300-500 dollars on a knife.  They do cost around $100 but if you look hard enough you can find them on sale in the $60 range.  I will keep mine and continue to buy Cold Steel.  Here is the link to their site-





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