Provincetown, MA


My family spends a lot of time in Provincetown.  My wife started vacationing there with her family when she was a child and we have continued going since we met 15 years ago.  The pilgrims landed in Provincetown Harbor in 1620 and since then, the town has created the Pilgrim Monument to commemorate this event.  It is a wonderful seaside town with a rich fishing tradition.  Many Portuguese immigrants from the Azores have settled here.  It has also been  a retreat for many artists including Jackson Pollock and writers such as Jack Kerouac ( ) The Gay and Lesbian community started to make the town their own in the 1920s and 30s when artists and playwrights, poets, novelists and radicals started to summer there.  Now it is a flourishing community where people can be themselves.  Truly a place with people treating others with respect and not judging anyone. We continue to enjoy bringing our children back every year, and hope they will appreciate that memory and do the same with their kids.  I always recommend at least a weekend stay to all my friends and family to experience it, and take in all it has to offer.  I hope you will to.

IMG_4278 IMG_9385 IMG_4274 IMG_9447 IMG_9452 IMG_9456 IMG_9320



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