I have been tattooing since 1997.  I started in NH, and then moved to MA when tattooing became legal there.  I worked at Dragon’s Lair in Salem, NH, Double Dragon in Derry, NH, Jim’s Tattoo in Seabrook, NH, and (briefly) at Colorbox Tattoo in Seabrook, NH.  I then opened Redemption Tattoo in Cambridge, MA  with Erick Lynch and Mike Shea establishing a name for myself in the Boston area.  When our building sold to a new owner I decided to move on while Redemption relocated.  I then worked for Cory Kruger at Good Faith Tattoos in Clinton, MA.  Although I enjoyed working for the very talented Mr. Kruger I knew I had to come back to the Boston area.  Cory and I discussed opening a second location and we opened Good Faith Tattoos in Brookline, MA.  Cory has since moved back to his Clinton location but graciously allowed us to keep the Good Faith name.  At that time I also came full circle and opened a second location- Iron Works Tattoo in Portsmouth, NH.  Good Faith Tattoos has established a solid reputation in the Boston area.  After 6 years of balancing my time between two locations I decided to focus all my energy into Iron Works and sold Good Faith to Chris Barnett.  I am now working exclusively at Iron Works Tattoo.  Please email me for an appointment- miseria@comcast.net.  You can see my work on my website-  http://jasonlouitattoo.com/home.html

Or you can check out Iron Works Tattoo-  http://ironworkstattoo.com/home.html


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